Enforcer HFIQ Chargers

The EnForcer HF IQ charger is versatile because one charger can charge batteries of various voltages and capacities. EnForcer HF IQ chargers are always ready for opportunity charging which reduces and sometimes eliminates the need to change batteries during a shift or workday. Advanced HF IGBT Technology EnForcer HF IQ chargers utilize advanced High Frequency Insulated Gated Bipolar Transistor (HF IGBT) charging technology. Because the EnForcer HF IQ can deliver charge rate based on the constant diagnosis of the battery, much less heat is generated. This means longer battery life and less maintenance requirements. Savings En Forcer HF IQ charges deliver the high power factor and hight efficiency to save power and money. The battery chargers save money by delivering a minimum of 95% power factor. The battery charger has a high efficiency rating of 91% or greater as compared to many conventional chargers which only achieve between 60-80%.

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